Stitching a Story Collage, Virtual Workshop

Stitching a Story, Collage workshop by April Sproule.
Skill Levels: All
Duration: 1-2 Days
  This is the perfect opportunity to explore numerous techniques for making a small fiber collage piece that tells a story of a favorite memory, person, or event. Students will:
  • Develop a story around a person, object, or idea
  • Hone their composition and color skills
  • Learn basic hand embroidery stitches
  • Use trims, lace and memorabilia to enhance your piece
We will be fusing, gluing, free motion stitching, embroidering, or whatever it takes to bring your story to life. This is the everything and the kitchen sink class for you to have fun and play.
   These pieces make great gifts, and it is such a lovely way to build a narrative around one small item. The image above features my grandmother, hand stitched, and her actual embroidery scissors.  
Queen Bee, Stitching a Story, Collage workshop by April Sproule
This piece was made with my Bee Stencil, hand dyed linen, hand made paper from Nepal, and a photo of one of my colored pencil drawings that I printed on Silk Organza. And, of course, lots of hand stitching.
Mixed Media Collage workshop taught by April Sproule of Sproule Studios.