Textile design stencil with fern design for DIY projects.This is the actual stencil on one reusable  sheet of 8.5" x 11" plastic.

One morning in the early spring, I ventured outdoors to catch a bit of fresh air and stretch my legs. As I sat on the sidewalk in my front yard, I spied the new fronds of the ferns just beginning to unfurl. I ran back to the studio for my sketchpad, and this Springtime stencil design was the result. I have several varieties of ferns in my yard, but the old standby, the sword fern, is an old favorite of mine.

This design works really well as a mirror image, but it also makes a really great wide border. The fern fronds interlock really well no matter which way they are turned. I use this stencil a lot, and it is really beautiful to paint one spiral shape in a dark color, and the next in a lighter color.