Boro Stitch Kits

Japanese Boro Stitching began in Japan centuries ago as a way to conserve hard to get cotton fabrics used in every day life. The mending of clothing and other utilitarian pieces with basic yet elegant hand stitching has now become an art form worth exploring.
     I have been inspired by the beauty and simplicity of this style of stitching, and I want to share my love of these textiles with you through the development of the Boro Stitch Kits.

Basic instructions are included to help you get started.
   There are no mistakes in this type of work. Each piece you create will be an individualized creation of your very own.
   This work is so captivating, you will want to start another piece as soon as you have one finished. That is why we included enough supplies for 3 entire pieces.

Included in each one-of-a kind kit:

  • ample supplies to complete 3 10” squares
  • 100% silk organza to be used as a backing or stabilizer
  • collection of carefully curated fabrics including linen, silk, or cotton (new, vintage, and hand dyed)
  • hand printed images done with our original block print designs
  • cotton embroidery floss
  • English embroidery needles

Comes in 2 Color Collections: Blue or Rust