These hand embroidery needles from Sproule Studios are the best you will find.

N 01 Hand Embroidery Needles

Sproule Studios
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These are the absolute best embroidery needles I have ever used. These needles have a very sharp smooth point, and they come in an assortment of sizes from Size 5 to Size 10, with 10 being the smallest.

  • 16 pack of needles, Size 5 to Size 10
  • Made in England
People often ask which is the correct size of needle to use for a particular project. I once read that you should use the size of needle that you can get your thread through. Obviously you don't want to poke big holes in your fabric, but if you can't thread your needle, you won't get much stitching done. Personally, I usually use a Size 10 needle for one or two strands of floss, a Size 9 for three strands, and the larger sized needles for heavier threads or fabric.