A complete listing of all  fiber art workshops taught by April SprouleThe love of learning and in turn being given the opportunity to share what I have learned is one of the most important elements of what I do. It is always a mutually beneficial experience as my students often come up with ideas I never could have imagined. I teach workshops for all levels; from beginning to advanced.

This is a downloadable  listing of all the workshops I offer along with my fees and conditions.


Feb 19 2019 (All day)
TBA by Guild

   Stencils have been around for centuries, but they remain one of the easiest and most effective ways to apply imagery to fabrics. In this one day woarkshop, we will be using a unique collection of stencils I have developed that are incredibly simple to use. 
     The following information and techniques will be covered: basic stenciling techniques, borders, allover patterns, central motifs, color mixing, and the layering and shading of the images. You will be amazed at the spectacular results that can be achieved so quickly, and absolutely no...