Block Printing on Fabric, Virtual Workshop

Block Printing on Fabric workshop with April Sproule.
Skill Levels: All
Duration: 1-2 Days
   In this introductory class, students learn all the basics of block printing on fabric using permanent water-based printing inks.
  • tools and supplies
  • design selection and transfer
  • how to carve your own stamp
  • printing techniques
   You are welcome to print fabric for whatever you like, but there are also instructions included for a great market tote bag (not the bag pictured above).
Block printing works great on many types of fabric including cotton, silk, linen, hemp, or wool.
Sometimes it is really useful to have extra strips of fabric cut to print like the ones below. They can be used in all kinds of projects.
Note: I offer two different block printing workshops. The Extended Version featured below can be added.
Block Printing, Extended
   For the extended two or three day class, there will be ample time to delve deeper into design possibilities with tiled designs and repeat prints.
Block Printing on Fabric workshop with April Sproule.Hand carved blocks for block printing fabric by April Sproule.