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  • Japanese Boro Stitching

    Japanese Boro Stitching hand embroidery workshop taught by April Sproule.
    Skill Levels: All
    Duration: 1-2 Days
       Boro Stitching is a type of hand stitching that originated in Japan as a way to mend or patch together clothing or other cloth items.
    We will cover the basics of layout and materials to be used, and spend our time happily stitching away. This type of stitching lends itself perfectly to bags, clothing, home decor, and many other types of items.
  • Free Motion Quilting

    Free motion quilting workshops taught by April Sproule.Sill Level: All

    Learn to effortlessly draw beautiful curves and shapes to guide your stitching. Multiple techniques for stitching the above will be shared.

    I offer 3 very different quilting workshops, so check them out by clicking Read More.

  • Fabric Painting with Stencils

    Hand painted fabric workshop: Bees Stencil designed by April Sproule.Skill Levels: All, Duration: 1-2 Days
    Stenciling is an incredibly easy and versatile way to add beautiful imagery to fabric. We cover the basic stenciling techniques and quickly move on to the more advanced shading and composition variations using my Textile Design Stencils. 
  • Painted Textile Mandala

    Large hand painted mandala workshop with April Sproule of Sproule Studios.Skill levels: All                                       Instead of simply painting samples, we will experiment with different ways to put all the shapes and objects of the stencils together in numerous combinations. This way, you can choose your favorite things to add to your piece to make it an original composition that will probably look very different than everyone else’s.

    All the basics of stenciling techniques will be covered, and then we will focus on design options.
  • Hand Stitched Mandala

    Hand Embroidered Color Wheel Mandala workshop by April Sproule.Many of us learned to embroider from our grandmothers, as did I. But these days we have many inexpensive tools and resources available that make the process even more simple and enjoyable. We will cover:
    • fabric selection
    • tools and supplies
    • design and color choices
    • how to mount and frame your work
  • Block Printing on Fabric

    Block Printing on Fabric workshop by April Sproule.
    •  In this introductory class, students learn all the basics of block printing on fabric using permanent water-based printing inks. Covered:
    • - tools and supplies

      - design selection and transfer

      - how to carve your own stamp
        - printing techniques
        • Stitching a Story, Collage

          Hand or machine stitched fabric collage workshop with April Sproule.Skill Levels: All
          This is the perfect opportunity to explore numerous techniques for making a small fiber collage piece that tells a story of a favorite memory, person, or event.
          We will be fusing, gluing, free motion stitching, embroidering, or whatever it takes to bring your story to life. This is the everything and the kitchen sink class for you to have fun and play.