Japanese Boro Stitching

Japanese Boro Stitching workshop taught by April Sproule.
Skill Levels: All
Duration: 1-2 Days
   Boro Stitching is a type of hand stitching that originated in Japan as a way to mend or patch together clothing or other cloth items.
We will cover the basics of layout and materials to be used, and spend our time happily stitching away. This type of stitching lends itself perfectly to bags, clothing, home decor, and many other types of items.
   The Slow Stitching movement has really taken hold, and it is one of the most enjoyable and relaxing pastimes I have explored.
Instructions for making an optional Market Tote will be provided and a variety of hand printed motifs and fabrics will also be available.
Japanese Boro stitching workshop by April Sproule.Japanese Boro Stitching with hand cut Robin lino block printed on fabric.
The bird on the right is a hand printed linocut used in mixed media art that can be found here: Mr. Robin Print on Fabric
Japanese Boro Stitching by April Sproule of Sproule Studios.