Japanese Boro Inspired Stitching, Virtual Workshop

Skill Levels: All
Duration: 1 Day, 6 hours of instruction, 
or 2 Days, with (2) 3 hour sessions
    I am now offering this as a virtual workshop with 6 hours of instruction time. Boro Stitching is a type of hand stitching that originated in Japan as a way to mend or patch together clothing or other cloth items. It has now become known for its relaxing, meditative benefits that make it so enjoyable and captivating. We Will cover:
  • Tools and supplies
  • Basic stitches and variations
  • Making a stitch sampler
  • Applique and reverse applique for mending and decoration
  • Making a pieced block
  • Working in a series
   There will be plenty of time for everyone to spend on their projects in class in between demonstrations.
   The Slow Stitching movement has really taken hold, and its popularity has grown for a very  good reason.  Check Here  for currently scheduled workshops.

Japanese Boro Inspired Stitching workshop by April Sproule
Japanese Boro Inspired Stitching workshop by April Sproule.
Japanese Boro Inspired Stitching workshop sample by April Sproule.