Notan Mixed Media Mandala Workshop

Workshop Duration: 6 hours of instruction minimum,
but can be  be extended to multiple days
Skill Level: basic hand stitching skills
    One of the best things about creating mandalas is when your design begins to emerge, and the positive and negative shapes begin to reveal themselves. To further your design skills, we will explore the Japanese concept of Notan. Through a series of easy exercises, you’ll discover how light and dark elements and shapes can create harmony or contrast in your art using a combination of fabric and paper.
  Once satisfied with your basic design, the real fun starts as you add another dimension to your work with hand stitching. You will end up with a 14” square, and finishing instructions for mounting on a canvas will be included.
Block Printed Moth Mandala by April Sproule

You will learn to:

  • Use basic embroidery stitches to effectively create pattern and texture
  • Do raw edge applique with paper and fabric
  • Analyze your design for compositional variations
  • Use color and value to enhance your project

You will receive:

  • A Student’s Supply List
  • Student Handouts- includes shapes to use for templates
  • Pattern for the sample version
Closeup of the hand stitched Freeform Mandala
Learning the basic principles of Notan will really help you see your work in a different way. Below are a couple of simple paper cutouts I made to explore different ideas.
Examples of Japanese notan principles used in workshop with April Sproule