Freeform Mandala Workshop

Workshop Duration: 6 hours of instruction minimum,
but can be  be extended to multiple days
Skill Level: basic hand stitching skills
     Mandalas are one of the most innovative and inspirational art forms you can create. You will create your own gorgeous mandala design using the established guidelines and workflow.
     Using a variety of organic and geometric shapes in fabric and paper, the subtle design nuances will bring your project to life. A collection of shapes and motifs will be provided in your handouts, but please feel free to use your own designs as well. Photos and shapes or motifs cut from other fabric also work great for this project.
     All hand embroidery is done without a hoop in this class for easier stitching and much better results. While learning basic stitches used to create lovely color, pattern, and texture variations, you will discover many new ways to create visual impact with stitch.
     You will make a 12” hand and/or machine stitched piece that can be mounted on a canvas to hang on the wall or display on a table top easel. Or you could add your mandala to a bag, pillow, jacket or other item.
Block Printed Moth Mandala by April Sproule

You will learn to:

  • Use basic embroidery stitches to effectively create pattern and texture
  • Do raw edge applique with paper and fabric
  • Analyze your design for compositional variations
  • Use color and value to enhance your project

You will receive:

  • A Student’s Supply List
  • Student Handouts- includes shapes to use for templates
  • Pattern for the sample version
Closeup of the hand stitched Freeform Mandala