Intro to Japanese Boro Stitching


Japanese Boro Stitching began long ago as a way of mending clothing, but it has evolved into the loveliest of art forms now done by many as a daily practice.

    This mindful hand stitching is pared down to the basics using very simple stitches. The beauty of the work evokes a great appreciation for simple pleasures as you learn the design, construction, and stitching on a square compiled of a variety of fabrics. As a part of this process, you will learn to do hand embroidery without a hoop which leads to an ease of stitching and vastly improved results.
    In this 3 hour workshop you will have plenty of time to experiment and play with this wonderful art form as you create your own 8” Stitch Sampler. You can use the examples provided as your inspiration or create your own original version.


Intro to Japanese Boro Stitching with April Sproule

You will learn:

  • How to do hand embroidery without a hoop
  •  To create many different patterns and textures using basic stitches
  •  You will receive:
  •  Student Supply List (some supplies are included in the class)
  •  Student Handouts
  •  PDF of the inspirational slide show
  • Another example of the Japanese Boro Stitch Sampler by April Sproule