Artist Residencies, Opportunity of a Lifetime

Holly House at Hypatia in the Woods

Hypatia in the Woods

   One day I was listening to NPR and caught the tail end of a story about someone who had a special cabin in a remote location where they would go to write, paint, play their instruments, and create whatever their heart desired without any interruption. 

   I thought that sounded like a great idea. So I declared my intent, and waited for the opportunity to present itself. Two days later that intention became a reality as I discovered an Artist’s Residency program that was a perfect fit.

   So I seized the opportunity, and devoted a chunk of time into completing the application that included my portfolio and the scope of my proposed project: A Sense of Place. Then I courageously hit "Send" and sent my info off to the board and selection committee of Hypatia In the Woods. 

   After several long weeks, I finally received notification that I was accepted for the residency. The committee granted me the use of their beautiful cabin, located in a secluded area of the Oympic Peninsula on the southwest side of the Puget Sound, for three weeks this summer. 

Project: A Sense of Place

The project I will be working on begins with an exploration of the Olympic Peninsula with my sketchbook in hand. Using my Nature Journaling as a starting point, I will learn as much as possible about the local flora and fauna as I can by illustrating and taking notes on what I see.

From my sketches and observations, I will decide how to depict my subject matter on cloth and paper using various painting, printing, and stitching techniques. Those pieces will be assembled into a mixed media triptych using hand stitching and contemporary embroidery.

I also want to learn about the local history, the indigineous people, and Olympic National Park. One place of particular interest to me is the Ozette Native American Village Archeological Site. Another place I hope to visit is the Makah Museum and Cultural Center at Neah Bay on the most northwestern point of the peninsula.   

An example of the theme A Sense of Place, mixed media by April Sproule.
Example made using plants from my home

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