Basic Stenciling Techniques Video

This is a basic little tutorial that will help you get started with the stenciling on fabric. Here are the basic steps to get you started and what you will need. Be sure to check out Mixed Media Stencil Collection.

Work Area:

  1. Slightly padded surface, a thin towel or scrap of batting work best
  2. Plastic to cover the work area
  3. Sandpaper on top of the plastic


  • Stencil, cut apart on the perforated lines: Stencil Collection
  • Stencil Brushes, Natural Boar Bristle: Stencil Brushes
  • Fabric Paint, Jacquard's Neopaque and Lumiere (right now, we aren't shipping paint but will be soon)
  • Paper towels for removing excess paint from brushes