Mixed Media Collage: Blue Sky Wren

Blue Sky Wren Mixed Media illustration, April Sproule
Blue Sky Wren, 16" x 20"
   I have been dabbling in mixed media collage lately. It is really interesting to see how working in other mediums can affect my textile art. I love the way one art form influences the other and opens up lots of new creative ideas for me. For example, this piece could have the bird printed on fabric and appliqued down with an assortment of hand dyed fabrics or bits and pieces of different botanical prints.
   I made the collage above for a special person in my life. I printed my Carolina Wren pen and ink drawing on Japanese silk paper. The blue and brown papers are beautiful traditional Hanji hand made papers from South Korea that my friend Diane gave me after her visit there a few months ago. I used 4 slightly different colors of paper in this piece.
   The paper on the right is hand made paper from Nepal that I fell in love with. And the sheet music, Blue Skies, is from my collection of vintage sheet music. 
   All the pieces were glued to a backing of bristol paper. I added a bit of watercolor using watercolor pens to the wren, inkwork on the bottom section, and then sealed the piece with matte medium. As with most things, you can only learn and improve by jumping in and giving things a try. I learn so much from every piece I make.
Mixed Media Collage, April Sproule
   Sometimes my paints run, the glue does not stick or adhere the papers correctly, or the backing puckers and warps. Regardless, I still really love doing this type of mixed media. Every piece, or maybe not even one, will not turn out perfectly, but that will not deter me from moving forward in my exploration. 
   My priority is to PLAY, make a huge mess, and enjoy the process.