Once In a Blue Moon

Hand Stitched scroll by April Sproule

My son and his beautiful wife were married a few months ago during the height of the pandemic. None of us were able to attend due to travel restrictions. They managed to have a really lovely and truly memorable day in spite of all that was going on in the world.

I could not be happier for the two of them. I wanted to make something special for them to celebrate their marriage and also the purchase of their first home. 

 I started with 3 photos from their engagement and wedding and started pulling hand dyed and rusted fabrics I had created in earth tones. I printed the photos on Jacquard's Inkjet Printing Cotton using my little Epson ET-3750 printer.

Hand Stitched scroll by April Sproule
I took my time making this piece, and I enjoyed every moment of it. I tried to include elements of nature as well as some text to depict their love of books and of all types.
Hand Stitched scroll by April Sproule
 The finished piece is 14" wide by 40" long.
hand stitched scroll by April Sproule


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