The Studio at Sproule Studios

  April Sproule at Sproule Studios in northern California.

   Our studio is a working design studio where we develop our new collection of products for painting and stitching on fabric. We also offer a selection of workshops held both here and at other venues.

Sproule Studios workshop space, upstairs.

   The 2,000 square foot, on two levels, studio sits directly behind my home, so it is especially nice to only have a commute of 20 feet or so from the back door of my home to the steps of the studio.

Downstairs in the studio at Sproule Studios in northern California.

   Downstairs we have the wet studio where all the messy stuff is done: dyeing, painting, fabric printing, etc. Upstairs houses the office space, longarm quilting machine, and it is where the quilting and hand work is done. The upstairs work space is surrounded on 3 sides by windows, so the space is flooded with natural light. We had a dumbwaiter installed when the place was built, so it really takes the effort out of lugging supplies and machines up the stairs.

   We utilize both the upstairs and downstairs areas for workshops depending on what we are doing. And, when the weather is nice we even get to work outside sometimes. yOu can read more about the business here: About

Solar painting fabric in a workshop at Sproule Studios in northern California.