What Can I Use That Design On?

Hand embroidered linen jacket with feather pattern by April Sproule.

You can use that stencil or embroidery design on anything. Well, almost anything. The jacket above was embellished with an enlarged version of the peacock feather from the Feathers Embroidery Pattern.

Hand embroidery feather design by April Sproule.I develop my designs and patterns so they can be used in lots of different ways. I like to use things I make and not just put them away in a drawer never to see the light of day. So it's nice to make things that are both practical and beautiful.

 Your stitched or painted pieces don't have to just hang on the wall. For instance, with the the Blooms embroidery pattern above you can use the motifs separately to embellish household goods or clothing..

This little flower was used in the center of a Natural Linen table runner, and below you can see how I used the other motifs in the Blooms Pattern.
Flower motif, hand embroidered pattern from April Sproule.Flower motifs, hand embroidered pattern from April Sproule.
Don't be afraid to experiment and try embroidering on different things. All these items make such wonderful gifts as well. Let me know what you think you would like to embroider on.