The Bee STencil from Sproule Studios includes a honey bee, bumble bee, and a honeycomb.
SPR 11 Bees Stencil

SPR 11 Bees Stencil

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This outstanding design is by far our most popular. The Bees Stencil features both a honey bee and a bumble bee. Each bee is painted in two parts: the main body is painted first and the details are painted over the top.

There is also a honeycomb design that is designed as a seamless repeat so it fits together without any gaps. This allows you to paint larger areas with the honeycomb.

  • 1 Full Sheet, 8 1/2" x 11"
  • Durable Reusable Poly Film 
  • Use on fabric, paper, home decor, mixed mediaThe Bees Stencil from Sproule Studios is perfect for fiber art and mixed media projects.
A linen tunic painted with the Bee Stencil by April Sproule.