The moth Stencil by April Sproule offers lots of options for painting interesting designs.
The Moth Stencil offered by Sproule Studios presents lots of options for variety in mixed media applications.

SPR 15 Moths Stencil

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Moths are such intriguing creatures. The two part Moth Stencil features a small moth, the Pink Spotted Hawk Moth, that has plenty of room to do beautiful shading and blending with your painting.

Also included is the Indonesian Lantern Fly, and while he is not technically a moth, I just had to include him in this design offering. The spots go over the top of this little guy. You can paint the main body first, and leaving your stencil in place just place the spotted stencil piece over the top and paint in your spots. 

  • 1 Full Sheet, 8 1/2" x 11"
  • Durable, Washable, Reusable Poly Film 
  • Use on fabric, paper, home decor, mixed media
The Moths Stencil from Sproule Studios was used to embellish this beautiful linen tote.
The Moths Stencil from Sproule Studios has two different kinds of moths for painting.
The Moths Stencil from Sproule Studios was used to paint this image for textile arts and mixed media.