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The Wish design piece was created using white Ultra Sateen and cotton thread in cream and taupe shades. I did a little extra hand stitching in the dandelion "clocks", or seed pods, to give them a really interesting texture. This is a perfect size to tackle on your regular sewing machine, and  have carefully outlined and illustrated the stitching sequence to assure your success.

•Finished size: approximately 20" square, materials list included

•Full-sized pattern for tracing wholecloth pattern design

•Detailed step-by-step instructions

•Helpful tips and techniques for machine quilting

For years I have wanted to create a dandelion design for machine quilting. Although on one hand they are a bane to my existence, on the other hand I am mesmerized by their delicate beauty. I have an area in my yard that grows dandelions in great abundance, and I swear that I get 20 more plants for each one that I dig up. But then again, at times I must reconsider all of my efforts to eradicate them and simply enjoy their beauty.

I worked on variations of this design for a full year before I was finally satisfied with my final design.