4. How to Do 5 Basic Hand Embroidery Stitches

This is Part 4 of a  5 Part Series: Links to others at end of article

    The video above includes some worthwhile tips for getting started with your embroidery before you start stitching. once you know how to stop and start, you can begin with the basic stitches included below. 

   For the type of embroidery I do, only a few basic stitches are needed. Now you are ready to learn the first basic stitches shown in this video we made last year for an online project. Included: Back Stitch, Stem Stitch, French Knots, Running Stitch, and the Blanket Stitch.


  • Aprile, I have been doing hoopless for many years, I have been using a very thin batting as a stabilizer and to give my embroidery a quilted or Trapunto effect. It has worked very nicely. I really enjoyed all five parts of your presentation, you are a wonderful teacher and a very talented emboiderer. I was wondering if you ever used any kind of stabilizer, other than the batting technique I use? I’d like your choices and thoughts! Thank you so much, I’ll pin this for future reference!

    Anna A Gallo
  • this video and whole website are so helpful, thank you!


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